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never has a potential jaeger piloting team been more successful in the theoretical compatibility tests than joly and bossuet 

never has a a potential jaeger piloting team been more of a disaster in the practical ‘piloting a giant fucking robot’ tests than joly and bossuet 

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So on this day one year ago J and I were waiting to fly out to the States. If anyone needs me I’ll be trying not to cry at work.

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Australian budget released tonight


Australian budget released tonight

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you/nombre, mafia au

"Word on the street says the Treehouse gang is losing its power", Mandi said, lighting a new cigarette and putting her feet up on the couch.
"You know what to do then", Nombre smiled, pushing her way underneath Mandi’s legs and snuggling in.
"Find the good ones, throw a few molotovs, run like hell and watch it burn. You give me the most fun jobs, boss."

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I keep seeing people make angry posts about all this racist meta being written about Sam and Fury. Like, I don’t doubt that such racist meta is being written, I just haven’t seen any, and honestly, I’d prefer to keep it that way.

But I’ll say this much — anyone who headcanons anything “conspicuous” or “questionable” into movie!Sam’s motives has completely and profoundly missed the point of his relationship with Steve and his role in the cast.

Not to mention, Sam’s played 100% sincere all movie long, and Anthony Mackie is a great actor so I’m just gonna hazard a guess that it’s 100% intentional. He’s not being coy or misleading, he actually just is pure boy scout-y goodness. Clever or not, TWS telegraphed the hell out of who was going to be Hydra and who wasn’t, and it wasn’t even trying to set us up.

Basically Sam is my fucking darling and anyone who touches him will be summarily disposed of with a meat cleaver.

As for Fury, I can sort of better understand the argument, but honestly, if you’re gonna talk smack about Fury, you might as well start talking it about Maria Hill and Natasha as well. Although on second though, I guess the type of person who’d make theories like that about Sam and Fury would probably make them about the ladies as well.

Okay. If you’re gonna talk smack about Fury, you might as well start talking it about Coulson. Because abrasive nature aside, Fury’s a step up on the same organizational and ideological ladder as the characters mentioned above, which makes him at the same time more savvy and more extreme. Like, yeah, Fury’s a fucking dick, but in the movieverse SHIELD are fucking dicks. That is an irremovable part of the structure of the organization. Of COURSE Fury is a dick, he’s the dick supreme commander.

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1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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I want a superhero movie where the hero dies in the first ten minutes and the woman who was supposed to be the love interest puts on his costume and becomes an even better hero.

I want all of the advertising to be for the hero and none of the marketing to even allude to this death.

this was literally my screenplay last term

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Not ALL Death Eaters
Severus Snape (via zevri)
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Happy Birthday Frederick Austerlitz Fred Astaire 
10 May 1899 - 22 June 1987

“When you talk about Fred Astaire, you talk about heaven. What more can I say?” - Johnny Green, Hollywood Speaks! An Oral History, 1974

“He was not just the best ballroom dancer, or tap dancer, he was simply the greatest, most imaginative, dancer of our time.” - Rudolph Nureyev, 1987

Fred Astaire was simply one of the most influential performers in film history. Not only did he revolutionise the way dance was performed and captured on film, he also had a profound influence on music and hollywood in general. In a time when the world needed something joyous, they got Fred Astaire; a talented, charismatic performer whose charming smile was exactly what movie-goers wanted. Notorious for being a perfectionist and crippled with self-consciousness he floated across the screen with effortless grace that continues to amaze today. Though he was never convinced of it, there can be no doubt that he achieved perfection. 

And at age seventy-eight, he broke his left wrist while riding his grandson’s skateboard.

You know, you so-and-so, you’ve a little of the hoodlum in you. - James Cagney on Fred Astaire in Top Hat, White Tie and Tails, from Top Hat (1935)

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Actual five year olds.

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- Saturday Night Live 21x03 - David Schwimmer

thats the best thing everr

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